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Looking for placing the bets online for hockey match ? Bet on ice hockey offers to place your bet online on most ice hockey matches with best odds and predictions.

Bet on Ice Hockey – Huge in the US and Canada
Ice hockey is a brilliant sport if somewhat rough, it is massively watched and attended and a popular sport in cold weather states of the US, in Canada, Russia and of course other European Countries. They even play ice hockey in China and have a very good women's national team. In the US the National Hockey League (NHL) is the most popular league available for placing bet on hockey. It is great fun to bet on this game, and like most sports betting the wagers are similar. However the reason why it is such a fun game to bet on; is because you feel like you are part of the game and it certainly gets your spirit up for supporting your favourite team when you have "money" on it.

In the US, Moneyline bets are the most popular but this doesn't mean to say a fan in the UK cannot bet on US or other games, it is just a case of understanding the odds. Bookmakers set a line of bets and odds for each team playing and who will win. For example a Moneyline bet may look like this in a game between the Detroit Redwings and the Chicago Blackhawks:
  • Detroit Redwings +125 @ Chicago Blackhawks–140.
What this means is you would have to bet $1 to win $1.25 on the Detroit Redwings and $1.40 to win $1 on the Chicago Blackhawks – not all that promising odds. Simplified - in Moneyline bets when the win amount is less than the wager, the odds are expressed in a – and when they are more, the odds are expressed in a +. With a bet such as this on a win, on whichever team you wager, the bet would be lost if that team loses; this is the most popular and the simplest bet.

PuckLine betting on ice hockey is actually something new – it is specific to this sport and works similar to a RunLine wager in baseball. The wager is placed for a team to win by more than .5 or 1.5 goal score.

Over and Under betting on ice hockey is also fun – it means placing a wager on whether the two teams combined will score a standard over/under line. In an NHL game this line is 5.5. The punter then bets if the two teams combined will score over or under this mark.

Futures Hockey Betting means wagering on a future outcome such as which team will win a series of seasonal games or a tournament. The Stanley Cup is the most coveted ice hockey prize in the US and every NHL team member motivates themselves by dreaming of holding this cup. Future bets on long shot teams which show a great deal of potential can run to long odds of as much as 100/1 and it is worth taking a few wagers like this. Because for $1, the potential to win $100 is very tempting and it is not a lot of money to lose. 100/1 is a fraction and this is the popular way of expressing odds when placing bets on ice hockey with a UK bookmaker.

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